Built for Purchased Services. Hardened in the field for six years. Vetted with industry leaders.

What is


  • Your single source of truth. Create and track work orders, service reports, and agreements. Benchmark vendors by using historical cost from all locations for comparison to industry-normalized pricing.
  • Software with an emphasis on Service. Perigral was born in the purchased services industry. We know the business, and will get you started with workflows, templates, and terminology for the top ten service categories. Need others? We’ve got you covered!
  • A partner for your peace-of-mind. Keeping track of work orders and service contracts with Excel sheets and email can leave you chained to your inbox. With Perigral, all the routine stuff is a breeze, which gives you more breathing room to deal with the important issues.
  • Easier than choosing a mobile phone plan. You can start using Perigral in stages, bringing on different service lines or locations when you’re ready through self guided implementation model. Combine that with our OpEx-friendly subscription model and cloud-based hosting, and you’ve got a straight forward, no hassle implementation process.

Why trust


Purchased services management has its own unique challenges and requirements. We know you can’t force-fit an ERP to work, much less go through another painful implementation.
Perigral was built for purchased services and vetted for over 6 years in the field by one of the nation’s premier exterior facilities management companies. Purchased services is what we do.
Software as a Service is more than a pricing model: it’s a promise. Our team gets you started quickly by importing your historical data, providing industry benchmark costing, and having the top 10 high-volume, high-cost service categories already set up. Perigral’s service team gets you to the ROI threshold faster.
We are committed to ensuring your data is always available and always safe. Perigral runs on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure platform, giving your team unbeatable reliability. Your I.T. Department will thank you as well, since Perigral’s Azure platform means you get continuous updates, consistent reliability, and best in class security.

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Can I do this cool thing with Perigral?
Yes, Perigral will most definitely do that!
What about this other cool thing?
Yep, Perigral can do that too!
And this awesome feature?
Absolutely, Perigral will completely rock your socks off!
What about this other thing that nobody else does?
Perigral will do a lot of things that nobody else does, including that!